What Beanz Meanz

In search of photographic inspiration – and inspiration lurks everywhere, even at the back if the fridge and that old, half-eaten can of Heinz baked beans.

I wanted to try a spot of “still life” but fruit and flowers (unless rotten or dead) are not quite my thing – so this is a still life with Heinz baked beans and a few “extras”  Call this style “Venacular still life.” If “Beanz Meanz Heinz” (so the old 1970’s ad slogan used to go) What Meanz Beanz? or “What Beanz Meanz.”

What Beanz Meanz
Spilling the Beanz
Beanz Tin

Five fruit and veg a day. That’s good. Tenty cigarettes a day. That’s bad. The following photo was inspired by the great (and greasy) British Breakfast and is entitled “Five and Twenty”.

5 and 20 (take one)
5 and 20 (take two)

And finally – Double Beanz.

Double Beanz