Advice on Holidays abroad

“The advantages of a holiday abroad are manifold. To begin with, the average English woman, who never stirs beyond the limits of her own native shores, is apt to become too insular and narrow-minded in her ideas. There is nothing that has a more educating effect, than travelling in foreign countries and mixing with people of other nationalities. …

The traveller should begin by reconciling herself to the fact that it is impossible for her to have everything as she has it at home, and she must make up her mind to conform for the time being with other tastes and methods of living. The cooking at foreign hotels, pensions and restaurants will seem strange at first; but though it is different from what she has been used to it is nearly always very good.”

Excerpt from “The Woman’s Book” (revised edition)*

By Florence B Jack and Rita Strauss

Published 1927 by T.C. and E.C. Jack Ltd.

 Everything A Woman Should Know

*Quick note

“The Woman’s Book” – claiming to contain “everything a woman should know.”  An excellent, voluminous  publication, filled with good common sense advice for recently married young ladies. It tells you everything from how to keep chickens to how to serve champagne. Things were different back then I suppose. The book possibly belonged to my Grandmother, who married in 1921. It seems strange  to be buying such a book after six years of “wedded bliss” – but I have a hunch that it was Grandpa who bought this for his young wife –  Grandpa George, by all accounts, was a traditional man with set views on how he should be looked after.