Sunday Rant

I wana blog because it is all to blog or not to blog and when I write, I AM, but all the world is work at the moment. I recently met a recently-retired friend and I decided that I want to retire – I want a full time job as a retiree and I want it now whilst I am still in good physical and mental shape to enjoy not working. By the time I come to retirement there won’t be any.

Here is a little Sunday rant, because even that “Day of Rest” is a working day and this should be a day of relaxing, just like everyday is for my recently-retired friend.

If it ain’t done by now, then it won’t get done – because it’s that time on a Sunday, when afternoon melts into early evening and you still have mountains of work and you know it will never get finished, so you say to yourself « I’ll just improvise » –

I started school at the age of five. My mum was a teacher, now I am a teacher and that is roughly (apart from school holidays) 47 years of Sundays being no more than a preparatory annexe to Monday.

What is a normal Sunday ?

What do normal people do on Sundays ?

I suppose if you have kids, Sundays (along with ost weekday nights) are all about homework.

Why do teachers give homework ? Nothing better to screw up your evening or weekend, than your kids crawling home from school with maths homework – all normal family life disappears into a frustrating evening of torturing your brain to help your kids.

I guess actually that us teachers must be pretty dumb. We spent all our forlative years at school, and as if that wasn’t enough, we sign on for a lifetime at school. Who wants to spend their entire life at school. Was it that we didn’t understand the first time round ?

So, back to my first question …

Apart from teachers, what do the rest of the human race do on a Sunday ?

Is everyone out for a long Sunday lunch or a saunter round a car boot sale ? Is everyone gardening ? Or, are Sundays, those days when people do what they haven’t done all week ? Or has the whole world got one huge disgusting hangover and Sunday is a painful limbo before all normal life resumes on Monday?

Sunday is kind synonymous with « catch up, boring » – do the ironing, do the shopping, doing the admin and family accounts and then washing your hair – that’s as bad as preparing lessons and correcting.

I suppose for everyone, that the new week starts on Sunday – and now I’m going back to lesson prep, as you scream at your kids for leaving their heavy weekend homework until the last minute or leaving their dirty sports kit, festering at the bottom of a bag.

Sunday, a day of rest ? No, it’s just the first day of all the rest. Thank heavens for Saturdays, unless of course you are those kind of families where your kids are enrolled in every feasible sporing and cultural activity under the sun, and they all happen on Saturdays, so come the weekend you are no more than a taxi service.

And back at Sunday. Not even sure that there is something decent to watch on TV tonight, and why should there be ? It is Sunday.