I’m still firmly camera. A mobile phone is great for getting a quick snap, but I doubt it will ever become my “weapon” of choice for serious photography. Mobiles are of course great for that recent genre referred to as “Street Photography” – taking photos of stuff and people on or in the street I black and white, to look arty and evocative.

Here is an effort at street photography. Using my mobile for quick off the cuff clichés of “stuff” I come across on my way to work. Photos taken on the basis that what I see is ephemeral, or “arty”.

Number 74

Dustbin day down the street so, trash out for collection. I love the mail box versus bin thing.

Here’s some new graffiti on this recently smashed window. Almost street art.

Like it says. “Too F****** lazy to go to the dumpster. In this case, there is a recycling centre on the other side of town, about a ten minute drive. Of course, if you dump your crap illegally at the end of your street, you are not causing pollution by driving your cargo the recycling centre.

Part of my walk to work takes me along a leafy, treelined side street where poppies are growing up from those cracks between garden walls and the sidewalk.

The lady looks kind of unhappy amongst these cigarette butts. Yes bars and cafes and restaurants are still closed, but some bars are selling “takeaway” coffee. Once you collected your coffee, you stand round the giant communal ashtray with your friends and have a smoke break. Even if I have given up smoking, there is something very visually alluring about all things cigarettes related. The lady on the packet should have a more agonised look if the photos is to be effective. She just looks mildly annoyed. Kind of Mona Lisa.

Crossing the supermarket car park, they’ve installed a bank of “industrial” sized washing machines. It’s kind of a new trend, to install an outdoor “laundromat” at the supermarket. This duvet is on a slow wash.

And that was walk to work.

Hope you have a good week, and a more interesting walk than me.