A silly poem for kids and adults and kidults.

I’ve got a new job, 

I’m a keeper,

Down at the local zoo

And now, I’ve got to feed the animals,

But I don’t know what to do.

So I went down the supermarket

And did a big food shop

And bought victuals for the animals,

And this is what they got.

The alligaterz had potaterz,

The yeti had spaghetti.

The pirhanas seemed partial to bananas

And so were the lamas,

But when I had no more bananas,

I fed the lamas to the pirhanas.

The two-toed sloth had a bowl of Scotch broth

(Because he’s a sloth from Arbroath)

I gave the chimpanzees some toasted cheese

The Orangutangs had meringues.

The coypu  had toffu

The elephants had buns

The millipede had bacon and eggs

But he couldn’t hold his knife and fork,

Because he’s got so many legs

As for the rhinoceros

The hippopotamus

And duckbilledplatypus,

They all had a bowl of sugar puffs.