Is There Life On Mars(eille)?

Not many sailors fighting in the dance hall, but there is certainly life in Marseille, France”s second city, and the largest port on the Mediterranean. Ships have been offloading goods and people in Marseille since Roman times. The place is a heady cultural mix with overtones of Casablanca and the French Connection, as we arrive in town, local Drug Enforcers have seized over 500 kilos of Cocaine. Its edgey, it’s exciting, it’s inspiring and insalubrious. Today it is 36°c, huge cruise liners have disgorged nearly 9000 tourists into town, whilst the ships disgorge their fumes into the air, the equivalent of 20,000 cars . It’s hot and it’s unbreathable. Marseille is famous for fish soup (Bouillabaisse), soap, Pastis, crime and football

A few photos of a few days in Marseille.

Summer in Marseille
Local soccer team Olympique de Marseille. In the city, football is life.

Cruise liners bring tourists and money and massive pollution
Bed for the night
Love in the street

A la Plage
can’t survive without aircon
Street Vendor
Aperitif in the historic neighbourhood of Le Panier


Creatures of the Night

Marseille – graffiti and the virgin