My Mind Wandered to Somewhere Real.

Ain’t written nothing for a long time. Ain’t felt like writing for a long time. Don’t wanna do nothin’ when the dog days bite.

Sitting, sipping large Latte in a plastic, family-friendly coffee bar this afternoon. Shopping mall fatigue. My mind wandered to somewhere real, and I wrote this …

Sitting in the asthmatic air conditioning of an ersatz edgelands American diner. / Drinking rewatered coffee and picking at a million microwaved bent bacon very scrambled breakfast. / In this formica nightmare, road sign truck stop, Hardly Davidson decor.

It’s hot, too hot. The air con dies. / We finish our limp breakfast and hit the road looking for an ice cold cheap motel, for some intimate air con confidential, drapes drawn for a day of cold beer, slow sex and cheap cigarettes.