Iconic Seafront


There’s this one iconic building on the seafront of the French Riviera resort of St Raphael. It sits on the corniche with fantastic sea views, and is shaded by palms. One close up look and you see that the building needs some serious TLC.

I love this building because it instantly makes me think of that scene in the Billy Wilder film “Some Like it Hot” where Sue and her Society Swingers arrive “by the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea.” This building is redolent of the first few shots of the hotel.I suppose as well this building is, for me at least, a kind of Hotel California moment. (Of course I’ve never been to California, it take me all time to afford coming here), but in the iconic and popular world view , this is a kind of hotel California. Photos to follow, could come from a photo album of a road trip. Theses are the photos I look at to keep summer going and give me a sense of just drifting.