Summer Places – Camping

Photos of those places that make summer. Very iconic, the Campsite. The French love camping – though we’re not talking pitching out in the wilds – no, all mod cons sites with shops, washing facilities, possibly a pool, bars and on site evening entertainment. Camping is alive and well, but over the last few years, the move has been away from a summer under canvas as more French families opt for the air conditioned mobile home. Camping has gone glamorous, hence clamping.

First photo is a traditional French campsite on the Atlantic coast near Talmont St Hilaire. Very iconic.

Camping les Dunes

Two weeks in a caravan within walking distance of the beach, alright for a holiday. There are those in the travelling community  who live all year in caravans. Here is the caravaning life of whom the French call “Les gens de voyage” – every town is bound by law to have a site to house travellers, but many travellers are forced to camp where they can – life here behind an abandoned shop on the edge of town.

Finally there are those for whom “camping” is neither a life choice or a holiday choice, it is the only choice if they want somewhere they can laughingly call “home”. Immigrant cap in Paris on the quays of there river Seine near the Gare d’Austerlitz.