Summer Places – Smoke break

Smoking on the Parking Lot

Starting a series of photos of those summer places I have drifted in France over the thirty years I have lived here – Places you might want to be or not to be. First off let’s head down to south western French city of Toulouse – hotter than hell in summertime. Locals head for the coast, just over an hour away – and those who stay home scuttle into vast, air-conditioned local shopping malls.

This photo, taken at a shopping mall in Le Portet sur Garonne, in the suburbs of Toulouse. All No smoking areas, so you have to brave the 40°c outside temperature if you want a cigarette. Here is a fast food waitress her early evening hot smoking break.A moment of calm before heading back to screaming kids and the smell of grease.

Hot Smoking Break

Second photo – a Rolling Stone lady has a smoke on the parking before  hitting the road. I would like to know this lady’s story. She’s not having an easy time by the looks of things.

Smoking on the Parking Lot

All photos July 2017, Centre Commercial, Le Portet sur Garonne