Virtual Show

Canceled show

Just had to cancel my up and coming collage show in Bourges. Never mind, there will be others. Moral of the story, make sure that the gallery is not about to go bankrupt. Anyway, here is most of what you would have seen, had the show gone ahead. You’ve probably seen some of these before . Anyway, hope you enjoy the exhibition in the comfort of our own home rather than brave the cold wet Saturday slush outside. Of course there will be no Vernissage, so pour yourself a glass of wine before viewing

Pour La France
St Tropez
Burger Girl
War Story
Laisser passer
Drive In Saturday
Walker Evans
Amerique Lutte
Monster from planet X
French Road Trip
Load Up on Guns
Get Groovy, Be Happy.
Tour de France
Voulez-vous camper avec moi?
Tv à la Lune
Dead Spaceman or Bye Bye Buzz
Ladies Love Aeroplanes
Lady In a hat
TV Française
La TV c’est la santé.
Combat Sans Merci
Choose Your Man
Soap Wars
Life After 50
Let’s get Funky
Gonna be a Good Night
La Bonne Idée
Will you still love me????
Les beaux jours
14 Juillet
Life on Mars
Crunch Time
Punk (photo collage)
Girls in Cans