Food Stories

An excellent place to see in London, The photographers’ Gallery – the gallery are currently hosting a wonderful show entitled “Feast For The Eyes” – The story of food in photography – food photos by the likes of Martin Parr – food packaged, eaten, uneaten, old recipé cards – a real “feast for the eyes” for amateur photographers of my ilk, who like snapping food. Here, from my archives are a few food stories, including an unhealthy  fascination for baked beans.

Saucy Love
Unfinished Crunchy Peanut Butter
Tepid Toast and Marmalade
My Great British Breakast 
Hot Dog

Tangerine Expletive
Nibbled Custard Cream
Dead Meat
What Beanz Meanz
Queenz meanz Beanz
Healthy Diet
Burger Babe
Designer Marmite

Thankyou for veiwing and Bon Apetit.