Flesh Tone Bra Strap

Trying to put up different kind of love stories. Here’s one for the lady you see everyday at the supermarket checkout. At first she’s just another shopper, and then you see her everyday, but you never exchange a word and you get a strange fascination for her. you look at her shopping and try to piece together her life. You see her after school, picking up her kids at the same school your kids go to. You get infatuated but know that nothing will ever happen. This is a kind of love poem for all those kind of ladies that you get hooked on. A curious, unrequited affinity, enhanced by cheap supermaket underwear. It’s called “Flesh Tone Bra Strap”. dedicated to washed out hassled mums, shopping for hungry families after a crap day at work. Ladies, you are still very beautiful.


I can see the flesh tone strap

(Out your dress)

On your supermarket bra

I’m that close to you,

Mother of two

Who I see everyday

Outside the school

When we pick up the kids,

When we smile «hello» (sometimes)

And I get horny

Even though

You are just so – ordinary

And now you stand

In front of me

In the checkout queue


Frozen fish fingers


Anti dandruff shampoo.

Who are you?

Could we be lovers?

Could we have a life?

Could we run away?

Could I make you my wife?

Are you Cougar and caviar?

Or just sensible car?

Are you a secret Riviera adventure?

Or just wondering what to make for dinner?

I know I love you.