Oh dear the world seems so complicated and fractious at the moment. Time for a love poem on this eclipse day

In The Back Row (of the movies on a Saturday night)

It was way back when they still had « double divans » in the back row at the « flicks » and it was cheap enough to go twice ; once for the film and the second time round, with yer girl. You wouldn’t really bother much about the film.

And when the last credits rolled off the screen, and the lights went up and the manager came round checking that no one was hiding, to stay in for another fling, we had to move our passions to another place.

I’ve forgotten how many seedy snackbars or greasy burger joints we got chucked out of.

« Your behaviour is annoying my other customers. » That was the standard line, and the cue for us lovebirds to find a new nest – A shop doorway – piss stink, rubbish filled and often a drunk collapsed in the corner or some poor old dosser just trying to bed down for the night.

We’d hold each other close and kiss like « star crossed lovers » Love so strong. Love so passionate, love divine, we would cling on to each other like clinging on to life self – love eternal, until the last bus.


Module 1

I couldn’t see your skies

For the stars in your eyes,

When the planets aligned

We knew it was time

For lunar, solar, total eclipse,

I held you close,

I kissed your lips,

We were  Star-crossed

So it was now, not when,

And we kissed

Like we would never again.

Module 2


Teenage romantics,

Exchanging passions

High street antics.

We went to far

In the burger bar,

Got chucked out

Now here we are.

(On a) Saturday night

Doorway creep,

Oblivious love

As the dossers sleep,

Intimate clinching,

The place piss-stinking,

But, the world’s far away

And there’s only us,

Lost in love

Until the last bus.

Croydon hight street