A sideways look at Monday

Yeah it’s Monday, the whole world over, and Monday, well it’s  a kind of upside down, don’t know where you are day. You never get lucky on a Monday. I’ve been through the archives to find some “Monday photos” with the kind of eronious events that can only really happen on a Monday. All this, because I read in the French press that today was Blue Monday – supposedly the most depressing day of the year – but I’ve had a decent day.

So, Monday

Broken chair

It’s the day you get the broken chair – this broken chair at the Jardin des Tuilleries in Paris.


You do something stupid like leave some essential headgear on the ground by your car as you load up, and then you drive off without it. I’ve lost many bags on car parks. How mnay soldiers leave their helmets on car parks?


You’ge got to do the weekly shop, you get to the supermarket and find it has closed for good.


You get to work and find that someone has destroyed your office over the weekend. Better just go home and start the week next week.

Wishing you all a happy Tuesday.