Waiting for the Wise Men


I waited in all bloody day for the Three Wise Men, but they never came. In the end, I took down the decorations. No point keeping them up if the Three Kings weren’t going to show.

Taking the lights out the tree was the worst bit. It was bad enough getting them on there in the first place. Have you ever noticed , no matter how many sets of lights you put on the tree, it always looks like there’s hardly any on there? Five friggin’ sets I put. Could you see any? NO. Everyone else has trees  with lights and shine like beacons on the darkness . Mind you, I’m not like everyone else.

I admire people who have the time and courage to shove up loads of Christmas decorations. Now the poor buggers have got to spend ages taking them down.

The missus heaves a sigh of relief when the decorations are down. “Back to normal tomorrow.”  There are a lot of people who like “back to normal” after Christmas. There’ll be plenty of them in work tomorrow, pleased that the festivities are over, and before the end of he week they’ll all be complaining about “being back at work”.

Happy to be back to normal???? Here is a happy clown to cheer you all up. The Three Kings might not have come, but the circus comes to town in a few weeks. That will be fun (and I don’t think.)