Pointless Places


I got the idea listening to that Tom Petty song “Freefalling”, living in a house with a freeway going through the yard. It all sounded so mundaine and depressing. Images of beer swilling teens sitting round a small pool trying to capture summer whilst cars and trucks thunder overhead.

Too hot to move and no air, I got in the car with the camera and drove round for hours with the aircon going full throttle – something to do, something to kill time in this urban summer cemetery

The suffocating boredom of a small town summer’s day.

You wanna scream at the sun for the rains to come

And wash it all away.

Those pointless places, those pointless landscapes the stifling mediocrity of a small town summer.

Central Garage
Building Site
Burger Wall
Road Out Of Town
Down by the brickworks
Fancy and ice cream?
Beach by the lake.
Seat in the Sun