Tourisit on Oxford Stree in London

Tourists – we are, we have been and we will be. The whole world is on holiday, and on the move. We jet across the planet to see what there is to see on the other side and the locals curse the influx of tourists, then we come home and we too curse those “Bloody tourists”. I love tourists, they make for a great photo, and let’s face it, most of the time you go to tourist attractions,the tourists are far more interesting than the monuments. Here, a selection of photos from Venice , Paris, Monacco and London – the best of the worst of those “bloody tourists.”

Tourism is big in Monacco
The locals wouldn’t wear this – Rue de Rivoli, Paris; July 2017
Visiting Notting Hiil. London August 2017

have to say, thanks to all those weak comedies set in and around Notting Hill in London, the place has become a tourist attraction.

Looking up in Barcelona – August 2016
Essential Tourist attire – Notre Dame, Paris July 2017

The next photos are all about head gear.


Taking the mickey


Get ahead, get a hat (or two). Versailles Palace 2014
Seniors do it in caps. Versailles Palace 2014
Contrastin cultural headgear – Venice, Doges’ Palace

More tourists

Cruising into Venice

Seeing is beliveing – those huge multi-storey cruise liners that sail right into the heart of Venice. Starnge how this looks more like high rise social housing than a luxury liner.

Canal Cruising
Cruising in style

For 75 Euros, a punt down a Venetian canal complete with a bottle of fizzy wine, an accordeonist and an Itlaina tenor warbling “O sole mio.”

Respite in Venice

Tourists come in waves

Tourist Onslaught
Follow the red umbrella

Admiring the scenery – Carnac, Brittany, France
We’re here, so, let’s enjoy it!