Rubber Ring

I specialise in rubbish – Rubbish makes good art and plenty of art is rubbish.

We load up our cars and take the unwanted crap of our lives to the junkyard to chuck in a dumpster – the randomness of our actions makes sculptural and textural works of art. Here goes, a few rubbish photos.

These first two I took for the texture and colour, and the  unique and fleeting moment of dumpster sculpture

Wood in a dumpster
Metal in a dumspter
They have served their time

We work hard to pay our consumer durables, and once we have bought the latest gadget, by the time we get it home and take it out the box, something bigger, faster, better has come along. People don’t just chuck away stuff that doesn’t work, they literally abandon items that they consider redundant. The microwaves in the this photo still work, but the guy dumping them couldn’t be bothered to clean them, easier to go out and buy something new. I think we’ll al end up like this some day.

A lot of doctors in France jus overprescribe prescription drugs, meaning every so often you need a good clean out

Meds for mum

Clearing out my mum’s house just after she died – here are all her uppers and downers and feel good pills, not that they did her much good. A fleeting installation of legal drugs.

A few photos of “home made” rubbish sculptures before everything heads for the dumpster. Fruit crates, milk cartons, an old WC and some headless dolls. Once something has fulfilled its purpose we throw it away, but with a little imagination it can have a second and unscheduled life – however short.

This Way Up
Dead Crap
Don’t lose your head in love

Occasionally you get rubbish unexpected  in unexpected places. Here are some head phones – the one you get on tourist buses for the audio guide – I kept mine, but most users, throw theirs away mostly on the tops of bus shelters.


Now photos of  genuine rubbish – from the bins at London’s Tate gallery to people throwing their crap on the street.(real street art)

The Tate is Rubbish
Monsieur le President
Rubbish Story or Morning after the night before
More rubbish gentlemen

And finally, my favorite subject. Random street stuff

Pink Sofa
Baby’s Gone