On the road for work last week, heading to those parts of France that tourists never go. I was thinking of all the “rubbish” that we eat on the road – canteens, cheap hotels, fast food outlets … all serving the food that you’d never eat at home – snapped over several years of travels across Europe, a few pictures of “Road food” from breakfast through to dinner. (Some of these meals were highly edible – guess which ones.)



Traditional English- Stratford, East London, UK
St Tropez Twist
French English Breakfast in St Tropez
Continental Breakfast in a Cheap Hotel – Toulouse

Everything with fries

A Fistful of Frites – Villeneuve sur Cher – France
Lunch on a Channel ferry
Cross Channel Fish and Chips
Cross Channel sausage, chips and beans
Steak and chips with pepper sauce
Burger, fries and a smiley onion
French hotdog and fries
Burger and fries on the Belgian border

Other meals (without fries)


Microwave Shepherds’ Pie
Cervelas Sausage and pasta
Fish fingers with carrots and mash potato
Pork and lentils
Spicy Chicken and rice
Something with fish
White pudding with tagliatelles
tasty chicken tender in breadcrumbs with a creamy mash potato and BBQ sauce
Tough meat stew with rock hard dumpligs
Half a “frozen” bagel (beigel)
Finish you meal (it might be your last)

And finally, what about a lovely cup of coffee to round off?

Black white and brown in Newport Pagnell (UK)