News de France

A few collages and photos for present and past times.

News de France

What’s new in France?

Quoi de Neuf?

Seems like we are having another Revolution, but we have one every year. Students, are occupying their universities and workers are on strike. Is this 1968 all over again? Spring is here, the weather is decent, seems like a good time for a revolution. Like all French revolutions, it will stop for the summer holidays. A few revolutionary collages.

1968 – 2018
1968 – 2008 – A nostalgic marketing Oportunity

This from July 14th 2015, when 71% of the French said they wanted a new revolution.

71% Revolution

Seems like only last year that we were having an election, and the results were less than revolutionary.

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

Well, with current levels of unrest in France, it seems like no one loves Emmanuel anymore.

A few 2017 election  photos and collages.

La Bonne Idée
Election Rip Off
No War

I don’t remember anything about a war in France????

Of course, away from Revolutionary events, spring is the time to head up the garden path – as we all know, real men like mowers.

Real Men Like Mowers