Riot, revolt, rebellion, revolution – still difficult to qualify those happenings of May 1968 that the French still refer to as “Les Evenements”  – a kind of catch all indefinite sobriquet that the French use to refer to those historical events of living memory that they still have trouble coming to terms with – like the war in Algeria, still referred to in some quarters as “events”

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Whatever the causes, nature and outcome of the events of May 1968, away from the strikes, he demonstrations and the rioting, life continued, people carried on living. In this post a few adverts gleaned from the pages of Paris Match from May 1968 – things weren’t so different back then, but the world has changed since, but that is not revolution, that is evolution. Ads with and without comment, I’ll leave the sighs of nostalgia or howls of indignation up to you.

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A true revolution for beer drinkers – Kronenbourg have just introduced the six pack.

Let’s start with personal mobility. Here is what you might have been driving back in 1968.

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And in terms of in-car entertainment …

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Teenagers got around as well – this was a big seller, the moped.

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Here we are back with our friend, who seems unconcerned by all the revolutionary events.

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Drinking and smoking in the same ad- unthinkable nowadays. Here’s are a few for nostalgic smokers.

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The late 60’s for some, were an affluent time, the middle classes had enough disposable income to consider buying a “villa” by the sea for family holidays – never thinking that their future grand children would be globe trotters, people bought these places, thinking that future generations of their family would still be taking a fortnight by the sea in summer.

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1968 marked the arrival of the first credit cards in France.

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Yes, mum still controls the purse strings, but no question of her working. There might have been a revolution going on, but there wasn’t much progress on womens’ rights. It was only as late as 1965 that women were allowed to work and open a bank account without their husband’s consent – as for abortion and the pill, there’s still a few years to wait. Abortion became legal in 1975 and contraception (namely the pill) became available in February 1969. Ok, a few ads to make all you ladies scream with indignation. While hubby is out slaving for a wage …

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Yum yum. What are we eating tonight Madame?

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While mum is busy being a Stepford wife, the kids are out rioting or just chilling out. A reassuring word from your favourite drink.

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NO! We want a French drink.

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Okay, a few late extras.

If you wanted to immortalise the revolution, what better than a polaroid?

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Finally. remember our nonchalant monsieur, sipping a beer and smoking a cigarette while Madame slaves away in her new kitchen? Well here is what the well-dressed Frenchman was wearing in 1968.

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Let’s finish with a headline from 1968

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More nostalgi in a later post