N154-French Neo Rural

Driving nations. You get iconic misconceptions of driving across other countries. We’ve all got a Route 66 image of crossing America with a Bruce Springsteen soundtrack. I guess you’ve got some idea of driving through rural France in a clapped out Citroen, a beret clamped on your head, with Edith Piaf blaring out in glorious mono, let’s stop off in a cute roadside bistro for some wine and runny cheese.

I’ve been on the road a few times this year. Recently ferried my daughter and her possessions back from Rouen, and on the way, I practised my favourite Walker Evans trick – taking photos in movement – mobile phone through a car window – and this is what rural France looks like today on Highway 154, (N154) crossing from Rouen on the banks of the Seine to Orleans on the banks on the Loire. French Neo Rural

Twin Pylons with fields of Colza

Turbine skyline

Silo road

No more bistro this village, though the locals have other distractions.

Three tree piss stop.

Bonne route