Image Reinterpretation

Collages – The making of original images by  taking  elements of existing images. Is collage really making an original image or is it merely distortion? Is a collage-maker an original artist or merely someone who rearranges or reinterprets another person’s original initial work. Photos or collages – I am not an artist or photographer, but I like the appropriation and reinterpretation of images.

In preparation of an up and coming exhibition, here are  some images, all collages.

Was There Life On Mars?

A Collection of cuttings from early-1960s magazine ads. All of these are taken from copies of the French magazine Paris Match dating  from 1958 to 1963. Why the title? Life, the way we lived it back in the sixties all seems so improbable, if not impossible nowadays – a bit like life on Mars.

8-14 Street Scene

Prime materiel for this collage – street posters , those pasted up on abandoned buildings or wood hoardings around building sites  Political campaigns, pop concerts, sporting events, clubs, pubs – Even in our digital fully webbed wonder world, there is still a place for the humble poster. – One glued on top of another over time, worn and weathered, the posters pull away in thick multi-layered strips. I rearrange them on canvases, trying to reproduce the random chaos of a postered wall.

Taking the Pistol

Collage or sculpture? Cheap water pistols glued to a painted canvas, then photographed. Original art? Is it art? What is art? – This is the “art” that I make for fun