City Streets

OnThe Bins

Back on the blog. Just back from London, my city of birth and I guess still my spiritual home. Wandering the city streets with my camera at the ready. Tourists with their phones and cameras held aloft taking photos of the iconic monuments, I point my lens down at street level to capture the real face of modern London where tourists never gaze. The doorways and pavements that the homeless call “home”. Is it morally acceptable to publish such photos? Let them be a reminder of the plight that afflict more and more people. We are in Central London in and around Oxford street. In all of these photos it is not much the plight that is shocking as the indifference of the passers-by.

A Quiet Read
Do Not Disturb
Oh My God
Bed For the Night

A few photos of street life

On The Bins
Street Musician

Some B&W night shots

Bus after Dark
Night Calls