Collage Retrospective

Dumb Kid

Collage retrospective in support of my current exhibition.Quite a lot are late 50’s or early 60’s themed, others are just what they are. Current exhibition at Praline et Panda, Rue Mirabeau in Bourges (France) until December 2019

Voulez-vous camper?

Fashion Victim.



Cycle Summer


Tv à la Lune
Soap Wars
French Road Trip
Life After 50
Load Up on Guns
Let’s get Funky
Choose Your Man
TV Française
La TV c’est la santé.
Get Groovy, Be Happy.
Lady In a hat
Ladies Love Aerplanes
Gonna be a Good Night
So good, it’s almost sinful.
Good for the kids
News de France
Dumb Kid
Will you still love me????

A few comic cuts …

Combat Sans Merci
Hulking Around
Comic Page
What the F???

A bit more arty

Drive In Saturday
Walker Evans
Laisser passer

Feeling Happy
What Next?

Collages Pubs (faites avec des supports publicitaires et les moyens de bord)

La Bonne Idée
14 Juillet
Burger Girl
Life on Mars
Dead Spaceman

Guess that’s enough collages for now. Plenty more to come. Thanks for taking the time and trouble to peruse