Travels to Mourmelon

On The Road Again

Off on my travels earlier this week. The small town of Mourmelon near Reims. All good travel blogs put up photos, so here are mine. Of course, the photos are only as sexy as the places you go.

Do you Dubonnet

On the road to Mourmelon – in the days before huge bill boards, it was common in France to paint the adds on the sides of houses. There are still traces of such signs, here is one for the popular French apéritif , Dubonnet, what UK customs would call a “fortified wine”.

Grain silo

A contemporary rural landscape with some unique “agricultural architecture”. Near reims, we are in that part of France that saw some of the bloodiest fighting in World War One. Just to the let of the pylon, a WW1 cemetry where 250 souls RIP.

Follow link to a poem, In The Silo Shadow

Russian War Cemetry

Little known fact that a special brigade of 20,000 Russian volunteers fought alongside the French during WW1. 900 of them lie here in a cemetery near the village of Suippes.

Rudimentary Inconvenience

You can’t always get what you want, but sometimes you get what you need. Open air WCs at a military training ground. Actually far better than the chemical variety.