Load Up On …

French Road Trip

I think that I have imaged myself out. Got to get back to writing and back to the essential theme of this blog, which is life in La Belle France. A few last colages as I prepare an exhibition – still all about France. Image are taken from French magazines and catalogues from 1958 to 1964.

Let’s get Funky

Le confort du slip – the guy is originally from a French underwear advert .

Load up on guns

Taken from a 1964 shopping catalogue for the French company Manurhin based in St Etienne – they are actually all air rifles and air pistols – sold as sport weapons. Nothing lethal.

Life starts at 50

No comment needed. Life starts at 50. Images from Paris Match 1961.

Get in Focus

Multoplicity of cameras cut out fromvarious averts 1958 t0 1964.

French Road Trip

Images of car and road safety ads from May to july 1960. French speakers might just pick up on the ad for special driving underwear. This took ages to make.

Soap Wars

From a modren day stance, there is no comment except that life was different back then but in all the Omo adverts of the time (1958) there is always the same man, or men on the advert, so perhaps the artist was trying to say something. You gave to remember, that we are in the world before machines, all these ads are hand drawn. Was the Omo artist homo? What was he trying to say. Nonetheless, this style of Oma ad ran from 1958 to 1963.


Thin collage that needs some reworking. French radio circa 1958.

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