Festival Clichés

Close Encounters

Rock festivals – an exotic, eclectic and eccentric mix of humanity. people doing silly things , street performers indulging in crazy antics, and far away on a stage, there is a band. But what goes on far from the main stage is the most inteteresting.

It is our annual rock festival in Bourges. There are around 100,000 festival-goers and there is an unnerving sense of normality. Not a lunatic in sight. I would normally be snapping away, but, as the years go by, eccentricity ebbs slowly away mild deviance becomes dangerous.

A few clichés of the Printemps de Bourges, that gets more normal as the years go by. Not a punk or a drunk in sight. No impromptu street music, nothing too out of the ordinary save a bit of hair dye, and hardly a unicorn in sight.

Reggae confused
Manga Miss?


Pretty in Pink
The Balloon man
Close Encounters