Be Everywhere. This is my prayer.

Still pursuing that dream of publishing my poetry. Perhaps a thin volume for the end of this year. Here we are continuing on the theme of love stories.


You are my new religion. You are my soul, my fire, my desire. Be everywhere. This is my prayer


Be in my head and in my thinking,

Be in my mind and understanding,

Be in my words and in my speaking,

Be in my heart and in my loving.


Be in my sleep and in my dreaming,

Be in my dawn and in my waking,

Be in my eyes and in my seeing

Be in every fibre of my being.


You are my soul,

You are my fire

You are all my reason to live.

Be in my psyche,

Be in my conscience.

Please, won’t you be my sixth sense

Be my goddess

Be everywhere,

It’s my prayer.


Be my self-destructive addiction

My downward spiral of affliction

Be my temptress and priestess,

Be all the sins I shall confess.


I wear our love in pity,

Love in chains.

Be all my pleasure and my pain.

Be my alpha, my omega.

Be the first,

Be the last

Be forever.

(With more than a little help from John Donne)