Buy My Swimming Pool


15th November -Christies New York auction rooms at the Rockerfeller centre, a David Hockney painting sells for just over $90 million –  the record breaking price was reached for one of Hocknety’s iconic “swimming pool” paintings.This is a ridiculous price to pay for a painting of a man staring into a swimming pool.

If pools are your thing, then I’ll quite happily sell you an original signed print of one of my pool photos for the meagre sum of $90 (including post and packaging.)

This brings me to my family David Hockney story. In the early 60s when my parents lived in Richmond in west London, they went to see an exhinition by a young and inspirinfg artist. mum liked his stuff and wanted to buy a painting for just over £100. Now, that was a lot of money back then, and dad protested, saying that the £100 would be better invested in those homemaki,g endeavours that are the wont of newly-weds. So mum acquiesced, and the money went on furniture – the young artist in question was a certain David Hockney –

So, for 90 USD, (serious), here are a few pool pics.