Bastille Day Drive

Roadside watering hole.

A Bastille Day drive through the local countryside, ostensibly to track down the red white and blue for the Fête National and the ipmpending World Cup Final. I expected to find small villages festooned in the national colours, and an air of football frenzy down here in the heart of France – a few photos.

Here we are at the village of Bruère Allichamps, famous for being the geographical centre of France. Not much red white and blue.

The centre of France

And what might you expect to find at the very centre of France?  A café of course – this is Chez Nicole et Christophe.

Café at the heart of France

Bastille day or World cup, life goes on, no matter the events, the farmers are bringing in the harvest.

Out in the fields

And after the harvest …

Modern rural

A couple more local landscapes on my Bastille day drive.

Soaking up the sun
In the shade
Radio Skyline

This is Bastille day, a national holiday, so everything is closed. If you forgot the beer for tomorrow’s match, you ‘ll just have to beg, borrow or steal.


Summer Saturdays, the roads chock-a-block wih happy campers heading for the sun.

Heading for the Sun