Beyond The Wire.

Camera’s been on the back seat of the car all week – a few clichés of my smalltown taken at traffic lights or on supermarket car parks. The forlorn, melancholy of a wet and windswept week in Bourges incentral France

Beyond the Wire

Friday morning on the car park at work. The whole place is surrounded y a huge security fence, makes it feel like a prison. Beyond the wire lies the real world. I stare out and people stare in. I want to be on the other side .

Beyond the Wall

Beyond the wall, they’re loving it, Big Macs and  fistful of fries. It could be Berlin with East Berliners staring out at what he West has to offer. Nothing so symbolic, this is just my local McDonalds.

Trees and Towers

View from the car park of my local supermarket. Loading groceries in the back of my car, I suddenly find the view inspiring – pink apartment blocks and skeletal trees.

Garden Shack

Our local supermarket, bordered on one side by a huge social housing development and on the other, acres of market gardens, all criss crossed by canals and drainage ditches. Local market gardeners build themselves sheds from salvage –

Lone Tree

Lone tree landscape – market gardens in the nakedness of winter.

Wood Salvage

Salvaged wood for fencing posts. Can’t help thinking of a World War One battlefield when I look at this again.

Ripped Up Disco

Driving back from the supermarket, I snapped this one  when I stopped at the lights. This place used to be a discothèque – it’s been ripped up and derelict ever since the place burned down a few years ago.

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