Friday 13/11 Before the World changed.

Friday 13/11 (before the world changed forever)

Friday 13th, unlucky for some. just a copule of classes this morning and no lessons this afternoon. I’ll finally get some time to go to the gym. Big lottery rollover tonight – 100 million Euros on the European lottery and 13 million on the French national lottery – yeah; I am gullible as everyone else, of course I’ll play.

Afternoon in town, there’s a bloke sitting begging on the pavement, he must be about my age, he looks clean cut, he’s sitting on his rucksack – recently homeless, perhaps fallen on hard times after a divorce or losing his job. never say never I say, I feel some kind of sympathy for this bloke. One day this could be me. Yeah, this could be my lucky day if I win the lottery, but i never win. I give the homeless guy the ten Euros I’m going to spend on the lottery making this day his lucky day. On the way back home, I call in at the local Bar Tabac and play the lottery anyway – fetish numbers, birthdays (10 14 5 6 21 25 50) and house numbers (1 9 19 24 42 34 4). of course my numbers don’t come up. Wondering what to get for dinner – fish on friday. I fancy some salmon, expensive fish though. Hey, I’ll have salmon – and a bottle of wine, because you only live once.

Finished dinner at 9pm, slump down in front of the telly – never much on of a Friday night , could watch the football, a France vs Germany match… something on the news about an incident in Paris …