Parallel Universe

Back to work and …. It’s like the summer never happened. People still sitting the same way at the same desk doing the same work as before the vacation. We resume the same pre-vacation conversations as if I have only been out the office for five minutes – UnlessI really have been out the office for five minutes and in fact my entire summer was spent in some kind of parallel universe running on a different time scheme. Like one of those fantasy novels – you discover a secret door at the back of the supply cupboard, and while people think you’re out looking for a new pen or an ink cartridge, you slip into another world – of course when you’re there, you kill a few dragons or evil sorcerers, become king, father a whole new dynasty and live for over a million years, before returning to your own world, only to discover that you have been away for a quarter of an hour.

“You were a long time getting that pen”, someone says. Yes, but I was longer than you think and you’ll never believe what I have done.