Time for harvesting crap food

Whether it “lies wanking on the floor” à la David Bowie, or it is “on our side” (Mr Jagger) or even if you fitter it away in an offhand way, as did Pink Floyd, time is a luxury and recently I haven’t had much of the stuff. As a teacher of English I always find it strange that tine, as a noun is one of the uncountable variety – no folks, you can’t count time. You can count the minutes, hours and days, or you can count the number of times that you did things, but, you can’t count time, just in the same way that you can’t count money. You can have a just a few bucks to finish the month, but you can’t have one money or two money, unless you have monies, whereupon you are talking in terms of different currencies as opposed to the paltry sum that you might have in your pocket.

So, proof that time is out of time.

The first photo taken on Saturday 6th July in the mid morning – a local corn field  that, should be now have been shorn, but the harvest is two weeks late. Normally at this time of year you can’t drive on local country roads because they are chock-a-block with combine harvesters, trucks, trailers and tractors. For the moment though, these unwieldy, agricultural leviathans are still in their hangars.The corn is still growing and awaiting its cutting.



Next photo – in relation to “that timzeof year,” when couples get hitched. Local bakeries are competing with each other for the making of  that most indigestible of delicacies – The Wedding Cake” – apart from the wedding of one friend, I have never eaten a decent wedding cake (Thanks Cathy) – all full of marzipan – hate the stuff. Come to think of it, apart from the aforementioned friend, I’ve never had a decent wedding dinner. So, you’ve got no cash and you’re trying to get us all to eat gourmet food on a budget. Just take us all to McDonald’s – at least we might enjoy the food there, as opposed to the ersatz gourmet rubbish at your wedding buffet. Hey, why spend so much if you are going to get divorced within the next five years. So here is a “lovely” photo from a local baker’s window of the “crap”  deco you can have on the loveliest cake on your loveliest day. makes you wonder if it was all worth it.



So, with little time to spare. I will wish you many happy times.