A tale of two gigs.

Of course you’ve heard of the Rolling Stones, but what about RTT?  A rock cover of 6 middle aged, amateur Saturday night rockers from Bourges in the centre of France.

29th June 2013 – The Rolling Stones played in front of over 100,000 people at the Glastonbury festival. RTT played a downtown bar to a capacity crowd of 100 people.

The Stones played for a couple of hours. RTT played three hours. The Stones were probably paid an enormous fee for their show. RTT got 40 Euros each, a plate of steak and chips and all the beer they could drink – which is pretty good going in these hard times on the local Saturday night bar circuit.

The Stones played their own stuff. RTT played a lot of Stones stuff.

The Stones have an army of roadies, sound engineers, security staff and such like. They don’t have to set up their own gear and they arrive at their gigs in limousines or helicopters. RTT have no roadies. They arrive at their gigs in a beat up transit van and have to set up all their own gear. RTT do have their own sound engineer (who also doubles as road manager and impresario.)

If you saw the Stones at Glastonbury it would have set you back a couple of hundred pounds for the festival ticket.  Tickets for the up and coming Stones gigs in Hyde Park are selling for up to £330.  Had you seen RTT last night, it would have cost you nothing more than the price of a few beers (and you would have heard quite a few Stones covers).

In the fifty years that they have been around, the Stones have done several world tours. We haven’t done a world tour yet; you might say that every gig is just another gig on our long-term world tour, though of course we haven’t been as far as the Stones. There is one distinct advantage to « touring » at a local level – you don’t have to stay in dodgy hotels and at the end of every gig, you always end up in your own bed.

Like the Stones we have our groupies and fans. Our wives turn up to most gigs and sometimes the kids come too. Like the Stones, I guess we are one big family. RTT have one distinct advantage over the Stones – after the gig the fans can have a few beers with the musicians and even get our autographs if they so desire

In the past, the Stones have taken quite a few drugs. In RTT we take nothing stronger than a few soluble aspirin, the morning after a hard gig.

I wouldn’t mind headlining at a major rock festival, but for the moment I’m quite happy as a singer in a cover band on the local pub circuit. I don’t have the pressures that fame brings, though; I am world famous down my street.

It took over 40 years for the Stones to finally accept an invitation to play at Glastonbury. I just wonder if Mick, Keith and the lads wouldn’t accept an invite to play in the bar at the end of my street?

Rolling Stones or RTT, it’s all rock and roll.