Why Dinosaurs Don’t Eat Lollipops

This is the story of the dinosaur who couldn’t eat his lollipop. No more and possibly even less.

Once upon a hungry lunchtime, there was a big, hungry dinosaur, with big hungry teeth, who wanted a lollipop for his lunch. He was fed up of eating other dinosaurs (some of them had been his friends. It may seem a terrible thing to eat your friends, but, when it is once upon a lunchtime, and you are a big hungry dinosaur, you eat anything and everything and anyone who has the misfortune to be around at lunchtime.)

On this particular hungry lunchtime though, the big hungry dinosaur wanted a lollipop, but he only had small arms, which couldn’t reach his mouth, and his claws were too big to hold the lollipop.

“Oh dear,” thought the dinosaur “No lollipop. I guess I’ll just have to go out and rip another dinosaur to shreds if I want some lunch.” And off he plodded to find a diplodocus, because despite his carnivorous ways, he did like to eat vegetarians.

As for the lollipop. He dropped it on the ground. It was dug up several million years later by an archeologist who tried to prove some crackpot theory that dinosaurs had eaten lollipops. Of course, we know is not true, because their arms were too short.