Looking For David

On the fifth anniversary of his death, here are a few of my Bowie-inspired collages.

We all though he was dead. No album for ten years and then Bowie was back with “The Next Day” like it was the day after he went away. ,

Drive In Saturday, with a Clash reference.

Looking For David

There have been many Bowies from Ziggy to the Thin White Duke. Here we are looking for David. He’s in here somewhere post Ziggy.

Life On Mars Is Sweet

There was a real Space Oddity. Not sure what happened to Major Tom. This one is Bye Bye Buzz.

Was There Life on Mars?

I’m not sure there ever was Life On Mars, but growing up in the Sixties was such a shift from the way our parents had grown up, to many it could have felt like Life On Mars. Anything was possible.

Could be Life On Mars

Same as before. Second life on Mars.

Is There Life On Mars

A few collages that I made in a “Bowie” frame of mind.

Cardin Cultural Revolution

Pierre Cardin (RIP) – a Sixties shake and maker, like Bowie, in the dawn of the Space Age.

Laisser Passer

Bowie vibes.


More Bowie vibes. And finally ….

Mars Robot
Mars Montage