Would you believe it?

First post in a while. Toying with some weird beliefs and theories in the light of recent events.

There are adults who still believe in Santa Claus. 

There are people who believe that there might be life on Mars. (As plausible as Santa)

There are people who believe that the Earth is flat. (Funny or just sad, or despite evidence to the contrary, maybe they are right.)

There are people who believe that the Earth is actually ruled by reptiles. Giant shape-shifting lizards who have come from another planet. They can take on human form and, have, apparently infiltrated the highest echelons of our ruling elites. (Is that funny or crazy or even mildly dangerous?)

There are supposedly “sane” people who believe that the world is run by a group of satanist paedophiles who run child sex trafficking rings out of Pizza restaurants. Yes the Q Anon  thing / trend. It sounds like a bad-taste implausibly plausible plot from a bad 50’s B movie. I’m still looking for evidence to connect these Satanist paedophiles with giant shape-shifting lizards. 

There are people who believe that COVID-19 is a conspiracy. 

At the behest of the Chinese government, the nation’s military would have released millions of COVID spores in an effort to undermine and even destroy Western democracies. To make it look like a genuine virus, the Chinese government would not have hesitated releasing COVID on its own people first …. No, that’s insane. 

Ok, here’s something else that is kind of funny, insane, sad, burlesque. A defeated US President (perhaps of reptilian origin), still sitting in the Whitehouse, refusing to concede defeat and ready to use an army of clever lawyers to overturn the results of a democratic election. Can Trump go as far as getting his Supreme Court cronies to overturn the will of the people?

And finally, besieged in the Whitehouse and afraid of being evicted by force, a sulking US President calls on his supporters to take up arms and come to his aid. Overnight, thousands of gun-toting militia types, turn up to “protect” the president. What happens next? Who will order in the appropriate forces to “dislodge” the Trump army? (Hey this will never happen.)

For the record, I believe in father Christmas and if the world is flat, I haven’t fallen off the edge yet.