Warhol’s Banana Tin (and other doodles)

No two ways about it. No matter how hard I try, I just can’t draw. I admire people who have the god-given talent to sketch away and faithfully reproduce anything they copy, or manage to draw anything you ask of them.

Summer evenings when you stay home. Nothing on TV. Sketchbook near to hand and I’m doodling. I asked to my better half,

“what can I draw?”

“Draw something that makes you happy.”

“I like bananas. I’ll draw a happy banana..”

Do you know how difficult it is to actually draw a decent banana?  There are over 200 Youtube video tutorials on the subject. I wanted to do Warhol’s emblematic Velvet Underground banana. A failure. So, I can manage to draw tin – here is the result. Warhol was easy, big round glasses and spiky hair.

Warhol’s Banana Tin

See what I said. I can’t draw.

I want to doodle/draw something. I get on the Internet and google “draw like Picasso” – great doodles for someone who can’t draw a real face. Just draw a back to front squashy face. Ok folks. Sitting at home, no summer getaway recovering from a heart attack, here are some summer doodles.

This is for all those people who hit the holiday highway and spent hours in traffic jams.

Miserable Motoring

Given up alcohol. Still means I can draw on it. (How I miss a glass of red wine in the evenings)

Cafe fleur
Vin Bleu

Assorted flowers to finish this sketchy post.

Flower face