Back to the Beach

Seaside Greetings

We are being “deconfined” or to express it in a more elegant manner, our terms or conditions of confinement are being eased. From June 2nd in France we can finally go to a restaurant or just go for a drink. We can enter public parks and we can go to the beach (as long as we respect social distancing). We might just have a normal summer. So, a good excuse for a few beach photos (just to remind you what it was like going to the beach.)  We are on the French Riviera.

Staring out to sea in Port Grimaud
What are you staring at?
A big pink blow job in Cannes
Reading in St Tropez
Predators in Cannes
Social distancing in St Aygulf
Beached in St Raphael
Bikini Beach in St Cyr-sur-mer
Soaking up the sun
Welcome to …