Just Good Friends

Just Good Friends

Took time out to make some new collages. Big exhibitions up and coming in August and September, so new works needed.

These first two, we are lost in the soapy Sixties with Tide washing powder washing whiter than white. Colourful, but visually confusing. I’ve made better

The Tide is High 1
The Tide is High 2

Sixties aren’t sixties without TV, the decade when everyone finally got a small screen. No sense to this one, just visually pleasing from the colours.

Nouveau Concours

Next one is called “Just Good Friends”. No explanation required.

Just Good Friends

This last one is entitled “Brigitte’s Baby” – Iconic sixties star Brigitte Bardot becomes a mum.

Brigitte’s Baby

This final collage has nothing to do with the Sixties, a bit of Instagram fun, a “collage” of all the food I ate a couple of weeks ago at my work canteen. You Yum

Can You Eat This?