The Lonely Rabbit and Pigs In a Bath

Got a very old i phone with a half decent camera, but I prefer my good old Olympus, but nothing better than a phone camera for catching quick clichés.

Here we are down the recycling bins, chucking out the mass of junk mail that chokes up my letterbox and all those far too many bottles of wine that I should never have drunk.

Anyway, I love my local recycling bins, because I get clichés like these, only actually possible with a mobile phone, because when you deploy a full camera, you get weird looks, but the old phone helps you snap quickly without raisinfgquestions.

So here are a couple of “stranger” items thrown on the ground at the recycling centre,  pigs in a bath and a lonely rabbit, raising questions about why do people throw away what they do and where they do?

I guess these items were in a kids bedroom. Were they loved? Were hey wanted? Were they presents for the sheer sake of giving a present? You decide.