The Revolution Hits Town

Rabbit Revolution

A morning mixing with the Yellow Vests movement as they gather in Bourges for their signature national demonstration. All human life is here. I’ve met teachers, lorry drivers, doctors, nurses … all those who make up our everydays and all those who feel neglected an even despised by the Macron government A feeling of malcontent in the air, but a refusal of all violent action on today’s demo and in the crowd itself, there is almost a carnival atmosphere. A discreet police presence just a couple of hours before the main demo. Sky News, Italian TV and even the BBC are all in town. An important demo, because it is the first time sinec the movement began on 17 November last year thatthe Yellow Vests have tried a big national demo outside of Paris.

A few photos of the “revolution” so far.

Patriotic protest
“The government are destroying the welfare system”
Move over Macron
Rabbits for the Revolution
Feeling Cocky
There’s a band on the back
The man from the BBC