Christmas Story

Once upon a Christmas time, there lived a small boy, who wished it could be Christmas everyday, and one Christmas day, his wish came true, and it was Christmas everyday.

When it was Christmas for two days, everyone was happy, and when it was Christmas for three days, everyone was still happy, but when Christmas just seemed to go on forever, everyone just sarted getting a litte fed up of turkey and tinsel and presents.

Christmas had been fun, but now it was time to stop, but Christmas would not stop  though, because of the little boy’s Christmas wish. It would be Christmas everyday, for everyday, for ever and ever.

Everyday for the first few days, the little boy would leap out of bed and rush down stairs to open the huge stack of presents under the tree. One day, two days, three days …. One week, two weeks, three weeks …. one month, two months, three months. It didn’t take long for the little boy, and everyone else to get bored.

His mum and dad were fed up of wrapping presents everyday,  and everyone was sick of Christmas dinner: turkey and stuffing and roast potatoes and brussel sprouts everyday forever. And everyone just wanted Christmas to be over, so they could get back to normal.

The litte boy’s gran and grandpa and uncles and aunts also wished that Christmas would end. They wanted to go home. They had only come to stay for Christmas, but now that it was Christmas eveyday forever, they would have to stay forever, and would never go home.

Finally the little boy announced that he didn’t want it to be Christmas anymore and he was going to unwish his wish, but he couldn’t unwish his wish, because the magic of Christmas makes Christmas wishes to most powerful and unwishable – and so the little boy, never grew up and had Christmas everyday for ever and ever.

Moral of the story (of course), be careful wht you wish for at Christmas.