Dog Daze

Around 38°c outside – long hot early summer Sunday. All the world is locked away in semi darkness with the air con churning away. Sometimes prone to bad poetry that I masqarade under the guise of song lyrics – here are some words about long; hot pointless and penniless summers. You could probably knock this into a reasonable blues number.

Just another dog day

Too hot, to hot dog move,

Just another dog day

Too hot, to hot dog groove,

Just another dog day

I’ve got those hot dog blues.


Just too dog damned hot

Feeling bad dog down,

I’ve gotta get on out

Of this doggone town,

But money’s too tight

Get out this hot dog life.


It’s gonna be a dog summer

That ain’t easy living,

Got all that doggone grief

That my bitch is giving,

Just days of dog-eat-dog

In this hot dog slog


Just another dog day

Too hot to dog damn move.

I wanna howl at the sun,

I want the rains to come,

Sick of kickin’ around

Just let the dog days drown.