This Sport That Binds Us

France gripped by Soccer World Cup fever. This nation, never noted for colourful patriotic out-pourings, has unfurled the «bleu blanc rouge». Yesterday down my local café – bunting, and flags everywhre, supporters in full tricolour attire of wigs,hats and team shirts, and before the start of the match, a hearty rendition of the «Marseillaise» – though a few problems with the words.

Americans, Brits, Canadians, even Swedes pin their national colours to the mast everyday, in France though, our «bleu, blanc rouge» only seems to get an airing at soccer or rugby matches.

So, the nation is united in soccer. That’s no bad thing. «Bleu Blanc Beur» like in 1998.

Ah «La Belle France», traditionally a nation of tribes unitde by a common language and a set of values, now truly united in soccer.