Today I have time. Time to think; time to dream; time to do nothing, time to kill time because time is deadly when you finally have some time and forget what you did with time when you had time –

And all the time I think and dream and construct improbable plans of what I shall do with this time on my hands – it runs through my fingers like the sands of time.

If I had no time, I would find time, but now I have time, I have no time to do what I promised I would do when I found time. Writing this is filling up the time I have and the simple act of writing gives me the sensation, even the assurance that I am using my time wisely, however false that may actually be.

This time, I have decided it is finally time to grow up and face the time that is left. It is time to prepare future time. Time to stop living out of time and face the truth that time is finally catching up with me.

This time in ten years time will be the time when I have all the time in the world and I can finally take time out to enjoy the time that I have left. Timely preparation for future times so that I am still alive.

I haven’t seen time pass, it just did. Days became weeks and months and years and it all just melted into one big fast blur and I didn’t see it.