My Dog Ate My Tax Form

Hey, do you remember all those feeble excuses we used to use at school when we didn’t hand assignments in on time (principally because we hadn’t done them)

« Where is your homework ? » thunders the teacher

« Oh sorry sir » you whimper but – and the excuses are numerous, ranging from the weak, but honest, « I forgot » through to more creative and implausible lies such as …

« My dad accidently put my essay through the shredder when he was shredding some letters. »


« My essay got chewed up by the dog. »


« My school bag was stolen. »

Or (and this actually happened to a friend)

« A man at the bus stop dropped his lighted cigarette end in my bag and it caught fire. »

And to his credit, my friend handed the teacher the charred remains of an essay.

So we all forget, we all make mistakes and normally there is the tolerance level of one mistake. Well under a new bill currently going through the French parliament, we will soon all be allowed to screw up at least once without the full wrath of the state falling upon us.

In his 2017 election campaign, Emmanuel Macron promised the right to err for all taxpayers.

Traditionally if you submitted your tax declaration beyond the deadline, if you made a mistake in the aforementioned tax form, or quite simply you forgot to pay your taxes, then you were subject to a hefty fine – under the new law though, we are allowed to screw up one time.

So, I miss a tax payment or I make an erroneous declaration – well that would normally have cost me a fine amounting to ten percent of what I should have declared or what I should have paid – now though, I just get a slap on the wrist and a second chance. Imagine the French government extend this to to other areas like parking fines for example.

Hey it is will soon be enshrined in law – we are allowed to screw up. Not sure if this law will be extended to homework.